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Exceptional Garden Maintenance Service in Liss, Hampshire

Ensure your garden is aesthetically pleasing with the help of our garden maintenance service. At VGC Group in Liss, Hampshire, our team uses their experience to the best advantage for every client. 


For your peace of mind, our skilled team of horticulturists are qualified in a number of areas, and they continue to benefit from our training programme. With their qualifications, they know the ins-and-outs of orchard pruning, specialist rhododendron and azalea care, and plant propagation techniques, so they are certain to maintain your garden to a very high standard.


We draw upon a wealth of knowledge when undertaking garden maintenance, and are able to take care of your requirements, whatever the size of your garden. Throughout our maintenance service, we employ organic, eco-friendly methods wherever possible, and our garden maintenance services include:

• Soft landscaping services
  including planting plans and advice
• Greenhouse work
• Mowing, cylinder, and rotary work
• Orchard work
• Bed and border work
• Clearances
• Blowing

• Specialist aquatic advice and work
• Lawn care and treatments
• Allotment. kitchen, and garden planning
• Knotweed treatment
• Turfing
• Yearly scheduling
• Ménage and paddock services
• Full or partial estate management services

Contact us to find out more about our garden maintenance service and allow us to take care of your needs.